Dynamic City Generation 4 / The Sculpture

Dynamic City / Generation 4 is a the three-dimensional scultpure designed and crafted on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition Gustav Klucis / Dynamic City which took place at the State Museum of Contemporary Art – Moni Lazariston from 22 November 2012 to 27 January 2013. Influenced by Russian Avant Garde artist Gustav Klucis's homonymous work, Dynamic City / Generation 4 was redesigned and is now proposed as an essential link to the city, creation and production in a new form, forth in a series of transformations from the original prototype. Designed and crafted by Dimitris Papazoglou and Axell Peemoeller in Thessaloniki, 2013. Images: Stratos Kalafatis

Dynamic City is a work in progress

Dynamic City 1.jpg
Dynamic City 2.jpg
Dynamic City 3.jpg
Dynamic City 4.jpg
Dynamic City 7.jpg
Dynamic City 5.jpg